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Internet is equal to computers

Internet is computers

I just had a conversation with one of my friends and we were discussing how she might be able to help me sell our services. The first reaction she had was something like 'but I don't know anything about computers'. This is a phrase I have heard many times before: I use a computer for many things I do (just as many other people are starting to do also). However, to me a computer is just a tool that I use to do things, nothing more, nothing less:

  • I indeed use a computer to do programming or web development, which you may call 'using a computer'.
  • I also use a computer to listen to music. To me that is 'listening to music', to other people it seems to look like 'using a computer'.
  • I use a computer to read my e-mails. To me it's communicating with other people, to others this also seems to appear like 'using a computer'.
  • Sometimes I use a computer to play games, might be even a common game like Solitaire. To me it's playing a game, again, to other people it appears 'I'm using the computer'.

Anyhow, I guess I can continue this list with using Skype instead of a telephone, using Facebook to share photo's, etc., etc.

So what is the difference

As I am kind of a computer type of person I can imagine that people look at me like that. However, sometimes it also annoys me as I'm just using a computer as a multi purpose tool. In my opinion you could also complain about a person always using a chair: 'why are you always sitting on a chaIr?' or 'you are always using a chair'. Doesn't make any sense to me as many people do many things while sitting on a chair. So what's the difference?


Created on: 2011-02-10 04:52:52 (UTC) by: Guus Ellenkamp

Last edited: 2011-02-10 04:53:02 (UTC)

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