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IBAFrame: a new framework for IT-projects

The ‘classical’ IT project manager focuses on three domains: technology, time and money. However, new technology always implies organizational changes. As a result, more often then we like, we end up with a system that is more or less dealt with within budget and specified period, but does not fit the organization –or worse- is not accepted by the end-users.

According to IBAFrame (IT Benefits Accelerator Framework) projects should not be managed, but –like an orchestra- directed. It focuses on the alignment of technology, organization and people. Surveys have shown that this approach is significantly more successful with a positive influence on after-care.

It has six main principles:

1)      Identify one common goal, including insight in complexity and impact

2)      A fitting change management with ample space for learning and contributing to the project

3)      Cooperation and commitment, aligning the project and users based on realistic targets and timing

4)      Stimulating the learning process as a basis for adopting the new IT-solution

5)      Charting the attitude of people involved and effectiveness of the contributions to the project

6)      Identify the basic competences on the domains technology, organization and people. Test the knowledge and experience in coordinating change.

After analyzing the domains, identifying the common goal and choosing the appropriate change management, priorities must be set and executed. Be active and pick up speed if possible, but create learning space if needed. Promote dialog between the participants.


Created on: 2010-07-06 13:58:02 (UTC) by: Henk Breukel

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