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I consider anything Active Discovery Designs mine and have an agreement about that, but I am no more associated with ActiveDiscovery, Inc., so I am looking under which name I will continue my services.

Please note I am not associated in any way anymore with ActiveDiscovery, Inc. and vice versa, but (of course) I will continue serving existing and new clients, for now as a freelance (full stack) web developer.

Contact details are still the same, so you can just go the contact page if you want to contact me.

Guus Ellenkamp


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Standard sentences in our framework

We have just been doing some updates on the contact page of this site together with our German partner, Ruson-Consulting. My next step was checking the blog page as also some of our partners add items here. Of course I could not resist cleaning the lay-out of one of the items as one of our partners (yes, sales :)) apparently had copy-pasted some text from Word (I like clean html code which mostly also shows cleaner in a website).

While checking the language property of the blog item, which was set correctly to English, I realized you may not be aware that our Active Discovery Application Framework has many language related features, including dealing with setting the proper html language properties in the right places, for example in this blog text, which could be in a different language than the rest of the site.

I guess all those technical html things do not interest you, although to us setting all those things 'right' is still an issue in our quality thinking.

What may be more in your interest is that our framework has many standard sentences defined in different languages that you can avail of. For example many texts in a contact form are the same in many web pages. Think of 'your name', 'your email', 'your phone number', 'your  question'. This does not only mean that your multi-language site will be made more efficient for you (=cheaper), but it also means that you don't have to think about the translation of all kinds of standard texts in other languages.

Of course our framework has provisions to define your own text if you don't like the standard text on a per-language basis. So you can decide to use the standard language text for the French and Dutch version of your site and use your own English text for the English version.

Next to this above described language feature we have many more 'standard' features available, like this blog page for example. But about those features another time.


Created on: 2010-12-10 03:40:17 (UTC) by: System account Active Discovery Designs

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