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I consider anything Active Discovery Designs mine and have an agreement about that, but I am no more associated with ActiveDiscovery, Inc., so I am looking under which name I will continue my services.

Please note I am not associated in any way anymore with ActiveDiscovery, Inc. and vice versa, but (of course) I will continue serving existing and new clients, for now as a freelance (full stack) web developer.

Contact details are still the same, so you can just go the contact page if you want to contact me.

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Beta site?

Well, I was supposed to continue with my SEO story, but something else came in my mind. We have put some kind of 'apologetic' messages in the site because we think it's not fully finished. However, I realized this site might already be more finished than many other sites on the internet.

With 'unfinished' I mean many things like

  • We don't have a very outstanding design yet. We want this site to have all the features and knowledge we have like outstanding design, framework, resizing, Flash, JavaScript effects, etc.
  • The text is far from what we want, more like draft that's being discussed with several team members.
  • The site is currently only in English, while we want to put back all of the languages that were in the previous site
  • ???

However, with my striving for perfection this site may never be finished and I realized that many other sites don't even come as far as our current site:

    The design is not yet perfect, but almost acceptable. It looks quite ok to me already, even though it doesn't have all the features I wanted.
  • I have put a lot of time and effort in all the texts on the site. It may not yet be a fully commercial text, but I guess most of it is clear.
  • It does not have all the graphical features we want, but it looks already good to me.
  • We first need to have an acceptable English version before starting the translation. With some other sites we found that doing different languages at the same time takes a lot of effort in rewriting and comparing early drafts.

So not so bad after all what's there already and I realized that if I don't tell people the site is in beta stage many people might not even know as they would be just looking for some information about our company.

Anyhow, just wanted to let you know we put a lot of effort in making sites perfect. And wanted to let you know that those things are quite time consuming. Just matching to the W3C standards, which all our sites do, takes a little time initially, although it also saves time when solving issues in a later stage. Just check this site and you will see that all or most pages just validate or only have a few errors.


Created on: 2010-06-16 11:16:03 (UTC) by: Guus Ellenkamp

Last edited: 2010-06-16 11:22:50 (UTC)

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