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I consider anything Active Discovery Designs mine and have an agreement about that, but I am no more associated with ActiveDiscovery, Inc., so I am looking under which name I will continue my services.

Please note I am not associated in any way anymore with ActiveDiscovery, Inc. and vice versa, but (of course) I will continue serving existing and new clients, for now as a freelance (full stack) web developer.

Contact details are still the same, so you can just go the contact page if you want to contact me.

Guus Ellenkamp


The text on this page is in development and may not be finished and may not be the same in all languages.

Dutch quality

So what do we mean with 'Dutch Quality'. It originates from one of our founders who tends to be a bit technical and perfectionist.

Towards you, our customer, we presume that origin does not mean so much, so that is why we want to make it very visible for you on these pages related to our 'Dutch Quality' statement.

Of course we hope that your expectation with 'Dutch Quality' would be that we will do our utmost best to create 'the perfect website' or 'the perfect web application' for you. But you also might think that 'perfection' means 'expensive' or 'not needed' or 'overdoing'. So especially if you think the last, please read on, as we think 'a bit perfectionist' might even be more cost effective than 'quick' or 'cheap'.

Next question might be what type of quality do we mean. For websites this might be:

  • A perfect graphical design suited to your needs.
  • A very well designed structure of your website so the website users will find their way around very smooth and end up in the page where you want them to be, probably filling in the contact form.
  • A website that is found perfectly by your target market through search engines.
  • A web application that is flawless and does exactly what it is supposed to do.
  • A state of art technical 'html' foundation and/or application foundation.

The items mentioned first would probably be items that would appeal to you if you are a decision maker, like the owner or the marketing manager of a company needing a website. The item mentioned as the last might be something important for the people who are executing the decision process of where to have your website or web application made.

So our conclusion is that we might need two different approaches for describing what we mean with 'Dutch Quality':

  1. A description of 'Dutch Quality' for our direct client: the owner, CEO or marketing manager of a company needing a website or web application.
  2. A description of 'Dutch Quality' for the advisory technical staff.

If you belong to the first group, please click here and if you belong to the second group, please click here.

About this 'Dutch Quality' part of our site

Well, I was working on the page site aanmelden bij google and began writing about quality, so I thought it might be useful to make a page about what we mean with Dutch Quality.

To be continued soon, but for now you may want to check the last two paragraphs on the page site aanmelden bij google

Please find below the Dutch text I was working on on the page site aanmelden bij google.

And of course while writing this I'm thinking of another little detail regarding quality: we tend to make convenient links everywhere, so the above links should point straight to the right paragraph, not to the page as a whole. Yes, html is very, very powerful, but will do that another time, because all these details take some time, no matter how efficient we try to be.

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