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I consider anything Active Discovery Designs mine and have an agreement about that, but I am no more associated with ActiveDiscovery, Inc., so I am looking under which name I will continue my services.

Please note I am not associated in any way anymore with ActiveDiscovery, Inc. and vice versa, but (of course) I will continue serving existing and new clients, for now as a freelance (full stack) web developer.

Contact details are still the same, so you can just go the contact page if you want to contact me.

Guus Ellenkamp



One of the words we encountered recently in our SEO research was PageRank. Although we know a bit what it is, something like part of the Google algorithm for ranking pages, we still have to figure out what it means for ranking results. Of course we know it is something like the higher the Pagerank, the higher the ranking of the site or page.

Please note we included a link to the article in Wikipedia all over this text, like the next word: Pagerank.

And next you can see the PagerankPageRank of this (our) site according to the site mentioned before:


Give away links?

We also found an article stating that it might be useful to 'give away' links. Even though this may sounds like the world upside down, as our feeling states that 'giving away' links for free, so link to other pages without getting anything back, will 'cost' our own site some 'ranking'. However, the Internet is about making useful links for users reading our pages, so we started with the Wikepedia links as in the paragraph about PageRank.

Of course from a users point of view it is fully opposite: the more links, the easier information can be found. And basically the random linking was the origin of the Internet, so from now on, with this article as the start, we will just include interesting and useful links to other sites, just to make it easier for you. And of course it will save us time as we don't have to include all those items and text. So that's why we calso included a link to a site where you can check PageRanks:

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