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I consider anything Active Discovery Designs mine and have an agreement about that, but I am no more associated with ActiveDiscovery, Inc., so I am looking under which name I will continue my services.

Please note I am not associated in any way anymore with ActiveDiscovery, Inc. and vice versa, but (of course) I will continue serving existing and new clients, for now as a freelance (full stack) web developer.

Contact details are still the same, so you can just go the contact page if you want to contact me.

Guus Ellenkamp


SEO diary 'submit site to Google'

We are indexed!

January 2, 2011

On January 2, 2011 this page has indeed been indexed by Google, but the ranking is very, very low. This page is at position 1 by searching "google site to" 'active' (so the exact text 'site to Google' plus the word 'active', but obviously not so for people. It's not so easy top to come up with something like 'site to google', in this case with content and a link.

Next step is to add some links to the site with the same text. What we of course have shown that a sufficient link to a page to be indexed by Google and this link does not stand on the same site.

Just added three links to three of our sites. See what happens.

Not much happened

January 8, 2011

It is now January 8, 2011 and there's not much happened to our page and found it on "site to google". But a few tentative conclusions:

  • I just noticed on apparently with a Dutch text sites on the domain '.nl' scores high. As this page on '.net' domain does apparently scored lower.
  • Content only with a lot of the text 'site to google' and one or more links to this page are apparently not enough to 'score'. Was, as indicated earlier, a sufficient link to be indexed.
  • There is half text, namely 'website to google' which is very akin to the text 'site to google'.

Now what we're going to expand the experiment to see if short term, we can score a little higher in Google:

And time for a page Dutch quality, but we make one other time off.

Time and effort

January 12, 2011

Yet very successful to this page on the first page of Google to get. With the exact text 'site to google', so including quotes if you know what that means, this page is now with my Filipino / English Google page 4.

With 'google site to active discovery' of course he is at number one, but that's because "active discovery" is a term that only our company name (and domain) occurs. It is (obviously) not difficult to come up with something on top, but anyone looking at pleasant natural 'active discovery', unless he or she wants to know something about our company.

On the Dutch Google page I see this in the first ten pages of search results if not, and that makes sense given our earlier conclusion that one '.nl' domain higher scores on a Dutch search text.

Since I have another one and do not go fast enough, if you can influence, I decided also a link to this page to add one of our Dutch sites.

This page is a bit chaotic, I think, but I know so well just not know how else to do. Furthermore, the approach is obviously not scientific, but given the short time that I have in mind is that hardly. And that is exactly the problem of search engine optimization:

  • You/we/I do a number of actions at a time to try a page or site to score higher. Since this parallel is not going to verify what is or is not working or negative.
  • Perhaps with more time would you EEE scientifically tackle: multiple sites and different things than one for a change and see what happens.
  • The one for a change and see what happens with many sites/pages, however, does not scientifically reliable results because Google and other sites might also change the search strategy changes.

Conclusion is that search engine optimization as an intuitive tive activity, without real guarantees to a customer.

And that is precisely the hassle of offering such a service: there are no guarantees. In addition, we confirmed our research shows that it is a very time consuming and expensive activity. Very annoying to customers, but it's apparently no different.

One thing is for sure and we know it (also) from SEO activities with other sites: if you constantly focus on a site and time spent in various ways to take the Internet to that site.

And just delete the duplicates were generated for different languages on this site. This page was in fact in the Dutch language and all pages with (almost) the same content like search engines do not like.

And two other ideas that arose in me the last days:

  • May be of interest not only to this page, more or less a joke, for research use, but really use it to find customers for ourselves.
  • Related to the above point: This page in all languages in which we have made available to the site.

And I saw today that my filipino/english the Google page on page 10 of search results was with 'site to google' without quotes. Not bad since December 20, I think, but you may find that a very long time.

Search engines and url's

January 19, 2011

Today we have the 'Multilingual' facilities for this page expanded and include a new feature that made the URL of the page in different languages. Google also uses the url for ranking. In a dynamic site as our framework sites strange, but hey, it's how it is. But it does "SEO" more expensive, because besides the content, title, keywords and description so do the url search engine friendly and that is technically just an extra, especially in our framework that favors 'maintenance friendly' and "efficient"..

Project Evaluation

This page is a bit big and hard to read, so I would like to split it (done on 5 February 2011). Our framework has two options and it also provides another html:

  1. With a submenu.
  2. Without Sub.
  3. With anchor tags in the text.

This makes little difference in time to make, but the longer I'm busy with our own site, the more I come to the conclusion that a good website is very time consuming. And I do not really know because in my experience clients are often looking for 'cheap' websites and 'time consuming' is contrary to what "cheap".

Strange ranking

January 20, 2011

I found an odd position today. If I was in my English / Filipino google 'site to google' search, I do not get this page presented, but the first page is a 'supporting' page on the domain ''. Active Discovery this page so I can not find in the first ten pages of search results.

And it shows again that search engine optimization research and not an exact science and unexpected side effects can have. I assume that the fairly short term this as the first page appears, simply because this page has more content and the page all.

Link exchange page added

January 21, 2011

Yet only a "link exchange" page. Yeah, how do you go for?

No need to invent the wheel ourselves

January 30, 2011

Not much done with this page, and our research last week. Not much results.

But what 'gegoogled'en rondgeneusd and came just after that of course I do not have to invent the wheel.

I was looking for links to our site with Dutch financial agenda and came through the site calendar-365 site go to the link building takes time article. And I is confirmed immediately, just as properly add these links takes time, more time than you think if you read this. And still not something I like to say because I tell that I prefer things quick and inexpensive.

And the domain counts

February 10, 2011

Not much time spent on our project, but to my surprise, one of our 'support section' as the top google Dutch, while the sole purpose of that page was to support this page with a link.

Important conclusion is that Google apparently the domain, in this case '.nl' and '.com', purpose count very heavily in the results. Somewhere logical, but somehow not. The pages on this project in this site are many, many more (serious) than the content on the page. 'nl' domain, so in this case is the Google algorithm so absolutely 'wrong'.

Ah, and here are the 'ranking' of the moment. In my Filipino / English Google, this page, or at least this site, on the fifth page of search results. In the Dutch Google ( I can locate the page not find here, nor are the pages on this site. Ah, yet, on page 20. Failed so, because earlier he was higher. Following previous results, that page is also slightly modified, include links to this site, to ensure that Google will scan it and see if we can get higher page.

To be continued.

Moved text

January 17, 2011

Moving my 'thinking texts' to the page Thoughts.

Multi language not easy

February 5, 2011

Continued the English translation of this 'page' and uploaded the page including the submenu. Again, very time consuming, as adding a new page means also adding a new title, description and keywords.

Pagerank article added and submenu added

February 11, 2011

Article about Pagerank added.

Submenu (reorganization) for this page uploaded.

February 18, 2011

Of course regularly at our position in Google and looked in mind that other companies use the strategy, namely multiple domains.

And suddenly I wondered whether the domain still available, and that proved to be so. Possible a huge boost for our project and our company. So the right action to the word. I'm very curious about the result.

And then I wondered whether the domain was available and that turned out to be the case. A whole new dimension because many people search for 'submit site to google'.

Interestingly, the phrase 'active discovery site support' does not primarily for our Active Discovery Designs site. This search is very, very important for our research SEO and link exchange. Can you guess why?

Perfect, the idea of registering the domain LOL. Our compliments! Find our secret page by searching for 'vsdjhvfwdhrb' (just added, so probably not yet indexed). We'll put it only in the keywords there.

And where are we now?

February 21, 2011.

Our domain with limited content in entered on page 14, at least one of the pages. That is higher than the other pages we are doing for weeks. Finally there so badly if we have the benefit of the doubt.

Furthermore, our project expanded to include the domain equally aware that we do not link us.

Our company added to Home

February 22, 2011.

Today we got the confirmation that our company was added to I think that is very good news as Startpagina is famous in The Netherlands and has a high PageRank.

And our is now on page 13 in the Dutch Google. Strange enough the site ranks with one of the sub pages, not the main page. Maybe put a sitemap there then.

Not really as expected in the Dutch Google

March 14, 2011

Well, we did not do a lot of things recently regarding our research project 'site aanmelden bij google'. Today we checked our status in the Dutch Google ( and found that our page/site was on page 15 and this page on page 21.

This means that compared to three weeks ago the page on our Dutch domain went down from page 13 to page 15. What did change was that now it is the index page and not one of the sub pages.

In our English/Filipino Google this page (the page you are reading now) went to page 2 from Google for the phrase 'site aanmelden bij google'. Our site (this site index page) is on page 7 in my global Google ( on my computer that is located in The Philippines).

What can we learn from all this? Not fully sure. The following things may be happening:

  • The site has not been changed for the last few weeks, so that may be the reason it went down.
  • A domain name only is not sufficient to move a site up quickly, at least not short term and/or at least not when there is a lot of competition.
  • Our English pages on this site have quite some content and therefore seem to be considered important. Of course the phrase 'site aanmelden bij google' is uncommon in English, so this site/page would score high on that when searching globally.
  • It is a bit amazing that our main page (the homepage of this site is the highest ranking on the phrase 'submit site to google', or maybe not as we also did some link exchange with that phrase to this site.

Search phrase 'site aanmelden bij google' status

March 15, 2011

We just checked today the status of the keyword 'site aanmelden bij google' in the English Google and found out that our site is still on page 2 of the results and also notice that it was the English page that is being indexed, not the Dutch regardless with the keywords that was in Dutch. It seems that Google always takes the URL of the page into account.

When we turned to 'Advanced Search' in Google and turned the 'Language'(when selecting this option, all results will be websites/domain related of the language, e.g. Dutch: domain like .nl, be, eu) option into Dutch, our site( appears on the page 11 of the results. And this site(, index page) was on page 23.


March 19, 2011

And yesterday we realized we were a bit stuck with our own project 'submit site to Google'. As you may have read we created some sites to promote our services:

The original idea was to use these sites to promote our own services as described in the 'site aanmelden-bij-google' area of this site (so this area). The problem we are encountering now is that especially the first two sites would have similar content and that is especially what we ran into:

How to create proper content for those sites without having them compete with this site which they are supposed to promote.

And that is in the end what we believe what it's all about: proper content and natural links.

But that is exactly our problem now: there would not be so many people wanting to point to this site as it's just our company site with a natural link. And the other sites might have natural content and get natural links, but would they support this site enough to get us customers.

No clear answer yet, but we will keep thinking.

Moved our not so important corporate page

March 19, 2011

We did one more thing today. Google seems to rank the site on the 'main domain' like or much higher than the sites on subdomains, like we have.

For our 'official company site' this meant that it showed higher when searching for 'active discovery' than our tours and this designs site. Of course our corporate page is not really interesting, which is why we just put some text and no design. But someone pointed to us that it is not wise to let people go to that page.

We did not fully know how to solve that, but today we pointed our 'main domain' site to Let's see what happens.


March 24, 2011

We are number 5!

Yesterday we saw that our page Submit site to Google is on the first page of with the search phrase 'site aanmelden bij google'. We were actually a bit surprised in a positive way with this result. The page is in position 5, not bad for a project that started only a few months ago.

There are some strange things around the display of the search result though:

  • It is the English page with a link that does not include our 'selectlanguage' parameter. The link should have been according to the 'canonical'.
  • The page is not available in the 'google cache'.

Also normal things:

  • The title and description are according to the title and description as we have stated in the page.
  • 'Search language' is English, so it is correct that the English page is shown.
  • It is the most 'logical' page within our project to score the highest in this situation. Compliments to Google!

Some technical conclusions are that it takes time to index the correct page, especially as we don't supply a sitemap. It seems to take time before Google understands the structure of the site without a sitemap. We have been amazed though from this and other sites how Google finds pages, even hidden behind parameters.

And we are on page 7

In the Dutch Google ( we are on page 7. In this case with the page

This is also logical, although one might expect that the domain would score the highest. But that domain is much newer than the domain, so that might be the reason.

Of course not what we want, as our goal is to make the page (and now with the complete url) the highest scoring page in this situation.

Status and recent activities in our project 'site aanmelden bij google'

We still go up and that is what we intended. A bit more than a week ago we were on page 11, now on pagina 7 with our searh phrase 'site aanmelden bij google' and that is not bad in 'seo land'. We did not put a lot of time in the project recently, although we created some links here and there, especially for the domain

Dutch Quality SEO research

March 25, 2011

And just wanted to share that we wanted to follow the site of one of our customers who just decided to make use of our Monthly Internet Marketing Analysis.

He has two domains and is deliberating his international exposure. At the moment he is using an Australian domain for his website, but he also owns the related .com domain.

Related to our SEO research (yes, this is really SEO, not marketing) we wanted to share to what extent we go in order to get information. It all starts on our page Megaheights SEO research site. Look for the paragraph Dutch Quality SEO. And everything starting with that little paragraph with some links is what we call Dutch Quality SEO in this case Dutch Quality SEO Research.

Domain change

March 29, 2011

Well, the last weekend something unexpected happened not really related to our project, but it could have affected our project.

We found a cheaper registrar for our domains (we are not a registrar ourselves) and decided to check them out by moving one of our domains. We chose the domain as it is our own and not so important.

Well, you may guess already, something really went wrong as the new (very cheap) registrar only moved the domain registration, not the related hosting settings. To our annoyance they pointed our domain to a parking page advertising their company instead of our company. Not really customer friendly in our opionion, but it's their procedure, so we can't do anything about it. For your information: we moved back to our more expensive original registrar as we decided their service is much, much better.

To make a long story short, about the whole last weekend and part of today the domain has been pointing to the commercial page of Hostnet instead of to our own page. Not really important, until we realized that one of the pages there is the highest ranking page of our 'site aanmelden bij google' project in the Dutch Google ( Not good for our ranking we think, although yesterday it was on page 2 or 3 as far as I remember.

Let's look at the status today on

  • The page (sorry, link does not work) now is on position 7(!).
  • The page, the one that was 'replaced' accidentally over the weekend, is the next of our sites on page 5.
  • The page is on page 9.

Let's look at the status today on

  • The page, so again the one that was 'offline' last weekend for a few days, is on page 4.
  • The page is next on page 8.
  • The page is on page 9.

So one of the conclusions is that the mishap with the domain cost us like two 'pages' on Google. Guess we'll catch up quickly, but lesson learned is to be very careful with changes in domains and hosting.

Some weird thing is that the Dutch page is showing up in the English Google, not the related English page, but maybe also logical as the search phrase is Dutch.

And one more result: the page shows up on page 5 in

Redirect from .nl site

March 30, 2011

Today we added a redirect page on the site to the Dutch main page for our 'site aanmelden bij google' project on this site (

And forgot to mention yesterday that the moving of our 'incorporated' page on to with a redirect from the old domain (the www) did not really work. Result was that the incorporated page was still the highest, which is not what we want, so we changed the redirection from www to designs as our designs site is the most important as of the moment.

Please note for now we decided not to make links out of the sites mentioned in the paragraph. All those little things do make a difference and with those little things we can change ranking of sites and pages, even it might be very little.

Quite some time ago

May 6, 2011

Of course we knew it was quite some time ago that we did an update to this page, but we only see now it has been more than a month since we gave attention tot his project.

Naturally we have been checking our sites continously, among others our sites on and have been rising in the Google ranks. In the Dutch Google the first is on page 2, which is quite higher than a few months ago. The supporting page on is now on the third page. It confirms that search engine optimization is a matter of patience. One of the pages on this site (the site with this page on it) is on page 7 now in Google. Before it some other supporting pages (and we now (October 2011) know that Google might consider some or all of these pages as 'doorway pages').

The site is now on page 2 of our Philippine This is actually the most important achievement as there is presumably much more competition in English than in Dutch.

What is becoming obvious from our various Internet Marketing projects is that something like the position in Google does not exist anymore. And because we have quite some Dutch customers of course we often use the Dutch Google. It is remarkable that often we still see 'Philippine related' results. It seems the ip address is a very important factor in the search results as we think that is basically the major way Google would decide we are in The Philippines. Actually this is good news for our Internet Marketing products, as we do more than 'give us your keywords and we will make sure that you are on top of search engines with these keyword'. Our Unique Selling Point is that we do a continuous analysis regarding the promotion of your proucts on the internet or the promotion of your services and certainly not 'only search engine optimization'.

What we don't like is that in our site the word 'google' is the highest ranking keyword. Also our site scores highest on things like 'site aanmelden bij google', while that is not our major product. Looking back of course that is logical and of course it is interesting information related to the Internet Marketing we do for our customers: check on which keywords a site scores high and make use of that information.

Moving of a site

June 25, 2011

Recently we recommended to a customer to move his site from his country related domain to a '.com' domain.

Google Webmaster Tools has provisions to transfer rankings etc. from a site, so we presumed such a movement would be something like 'instant'. Not so. It has been a week ago since the site has been moved, including all applicable 'redirects' but last week in the Google Webmaster Tools nothing really changed.

Thinking of the internet as a whole this was not a very important site, so maybe it will be faster for more important sites, however, we're a bit amazed that the process takes quite a long time (and as of October 2011 we know it takes at least one or two months).

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